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Quickly Delivered (2018-02-28)
This is a very well made jacket and the material is spot on.
Highly recommended.

Cross - US
great quality,as always (2017-10-29)
the UK Officers Battle Dress Jacket is well made. however the body of the jacket is a little long.the WW2 Battle Dress Jackets as short wasted. the bottom of the
jacket will be just at the ones belly button. but overall it's a great buy, well made, good color, and i will contune to but for WPG.

Proud - US
Good Officer's Battledress (2015-08-20)
Good repro. I'm wearing this with a kilt and the 46 regular is the right length, not too long. I have a 44 chest and got this in a 46 so it is has a bit more room for when playing the pipes. Overall it is very good. I have a 37" waist and the jacket is not super baggy like some of these repro jackets made for the big beer guts.

Shaffar - US