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US M1938 Tanker Helmet (New)

UK British Officer F.S. Cap

USMC 2nd Pattern Canteen Cover

US M1905 Rollneck Sweater (Improved Run)

Canadian Pattern Khaki Drill Shirt

UK P08 or P37 Large Pack

Canadian 1916 Pattern Large Pack

Canadian 1916 Pattern Haversack

US Army Model 1878 Haversack

US Army Model 1899 Haversacks

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UK Buttons

WPG has acquired a large supply of original of Mk VII bags, long thought to be nearly extinct. These bags appear to be in unissued condition, although some show minor corrosion of metal parts.

US Tent Peg

WWII pattern Kings Crown RAF buttons.  Large for front of coat; Small for pockets.

British Army WWI and WWII style Trouser Braces

Black Watch Buttons

Perfect reproduction of WWII long stockings worn with kilts and shorts. 100% wool: hand wash, line dry.

WWII pattern Kings Crown RAF buttons.  Large for front of coat; Small for pockets.

US D-Day Crickets

New production gray wool socks with wool/poly blend to minimize shrinkage. Price per pair. 3 pairs for $ 12

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US Army Officer garrison cap US Army Officer garrison cap
Officer's garrison cap or overseas cap or envelope cap or flat hat. Dark OD elastique with officer braid.
Our Price: US$35.00


U.S. Army Officer's Cap Badge U.S. Army Officer's Cap Badge
Early WWII straight wing large badge, custom made for WPG.
Our Price: US$15.00


US Complete Ike Jacket uniform (Package) US Complete Ike Jacket uniform (Package)
Uniform set with your choice of matching dark shade trousers or light shade mustard wool trousers (102371), either style wool shirt (100118), trouser belt (100094), khaki wool tie (100096).

Our Price: US$350.00


US Army Suspenders, Mountain (Original) US Army Suspenders, Mountain (Original)
These are the khaki trouser suspenders with metal loops on all 6 ends, and no elastic section. Unmarked and undated, paper tag attached to the original bundle clearly identifies these. Also marked size 38, which seems to be the shortest size made. Absolutely mint and unissued.
Our Price: US$45.00


US Army Pile Liner for Arctic Trousers (Original) US Army Pile Liner for Arctic Trousers (Original)
That is what the label says. Dated 1942 on the ones that still have a label. I am told these were used as liners for Mountain Trousers under very cold conditions. These are in near new condition, some with original labels. Limited quanity
Our Price: US$35.00


US Garrison Belt US Garrison Belt
An exact repro of the M1937 belt worn with the Service Coat.
Our Price: US$32.00


US Jeep Cap US Jeep Cap
Khaki wool knit cap with visor, reproduction.
Our Price: US$12.00


US Army Mountain Trousers US Army Mountain Trousers
Due to numerous customer requests, I have produced another run of these rare trousers. This time fabric weight and weave is perfectly recreated.
Our Price: US$65.00
Was: US$85.00


US HBT Trousers US HBT Trousers
These Trousers are of 1942 Pattern (adopted in 1943) with gas flap.

Our Price: US$65.00


US General Purpose Ammo Bags US General Purpose Ammo Bags
Also known as Grenade Bags or Demolition Bags. New reproduction, KHAKI with OD trim. These are made like 1944 production originals with a hook on one end and a D-ring on the other. No one knows why they were made this way, but by the end of the war many had a hook on each end.

General Purpose Straps are not included.
Our Price: US$28.00
Was: US$35.00


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